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At the MacGregor Leadership Consultancy we maximise performance in individuals, teams and organisations through developing confidence, decision-making skills and focus.

We are passionate about supporting our clients to realise their full potential; we do this by working with them to design an inspiring vision and creating a strategy and clear plan to make this a reality . Our experienced coaches provide the tools, support and insight to encourage better strategic thinking and greater self-awareness bringing about transformative change.

We offer a range of coaching, consultancy, training and facilitation services delivered by our team of outstanding coaches. Our services are tailored to meet the requirements of each client following an indepth consultation. Further information can be found below.



  • 1 : 1 Leadership coaching

Working with individuals to understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to enhance their performance and bring clarity to their visions.

  • Team Coaching

A powerful tool providing teams with the opportunity to create new thinking, address issues and challenges and build trust helping to deliver exceptional team performance.

  • Top Talent Coaching

Preparing the key people in your organization for their next role. Providing them with a confidential space to explore their motivations and goals and supporting them to realize their full potential.

  • Calm Change Coaching

Helping to build inner calm during transitional periods generating lasting resilience and well-being which encourages a more focused and productive contribution in the work-place.

  • Women Leadership Coaching

Supporting and challenging female leaders to further increase their effectiveness and confidence.

Training &


  • We work with each client to design and deliver a custom solution to address a specific need or to improve organizational performance. Our subject expertise has a particular focus on leadership, strategy, compassion cultivation and change.
  • Successful facilitation requires skills and techniques that help groups achieve goals through effective problem solving and decision-making. Our facilitators have excellent chairing skills of active and effective listening, clarification and summary to ensure effective communication.



We specialize in helping organisations and individuals with a holistic appraisal or their organizational dynamics and how they can optimize their potential.  We design a vision together and help create a step-by-step plan as in how to implement these changes.

(+44) 7801 186093